ABS Engineering & Control Systems has entered into a partnership with EasyIO to distribute their industry leading FG-32+ open automation controller in Ireland.

ABS has since worked with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) to have the EasyIO FG-32+ included in their ACA accredited listing. This now allows Irish companies to make further savings as 100% of the purchase price can be written off against profit in the first year of acquisition.

The EasyIO FG-32+ is a state of the art IO controller which enables multiple means of increasing efficiency in organisations. These include reducing energy consumption, enhancing and automating machine controls, automating security monitoring and alerting, lighting controls, facilities access etc. One of the key characteristics of this FG series is its ability to send and receive data via multiple disparate protocols including BACnet, Modbus, TCOM and, of course, any web-enabled service. This negates the need for additional gateways and reduces the cost of deeper and wider integration. That web-focus is further evidenced by the inclusion of a built-in web server, making this a true IoT (Internet of Things) device, interfacing directly to Cloud Computing Services.

Since their formation in 2005, Dutch company EasyIO has established themselves as a global powerhouse in the BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and IoT arena.

Get the best out of your BEMS with ABS and EasyIO – Open, Connected, Always on.