In these days of energy awareness and energy conservation, it is becoming increasingly important to have an effective monitoring and maintenance program in place for your companies facilities. Neglecting to do so undoubtedly means getting left behind. As the Benjamin Franklin quote goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

With modern computer analysis, it is now much easier to forecast your energy needs and monitor your usage with a view to optimising it. Having the appropriate technical equipment installed is, of course, an essential first step, but ongoing maintenance and monitoring over time is where real measurable results will be seen. This brings increases in ROI, productivity and profitability along with overall performance.

At ABS Engineering Control Systems Ltd, we use a 24-hour “Remote Technology System” to constantly monitor our clients facilities and alert us when faults occur. We provide maintenance across a wide range of equipment and for a diverse client group. We provide ongoing maintenance for systems we have installed but can also retrofit your existing systems for remote management. We will optimise the performance of the controlled system creating a cost-effective system which is environmentally friendly.

Changes to the operation of the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) can enhance the operation of a building and also generate significant savings in terms of energy and expenditure.

“Preventative is better than reactive maintenance”. Do you routinely schedule your maintenance? Our network of expert service engineers will ensure that your equipment and systems perform reliably and economically over their entire life cycle.

Call us today to discuss how optimising your building systems can save you money.