ABS Engineering Control Systems Ltd recently completed a Building Management System at the Maldron Hotel in Limerick. ABS provide a range of monitoring and targeting software packages. These allow clients to measure, monitor and manage energy consumption and expenses across all their utilities in real time. Using this simple yet effective monitoring system, companies and organisations can control and reduce their energy costs.

The Maldron Hotel Limerick is part of Ireland’s largest hotel group, the Dalata Group PLC. The owners of the hotel decided to improve their energy management system thus reducing their carbon footprint and maximising energy savings. This new approach has seen a significant improvement in energy saving but, more importantly, creating an even more eco-friendly establishment.

ABS upgraded the existing system to the EasyIO controller which was then wired back to the main computer networking device for remote access. As a result of the new installation, staff at the hotel can now log in from reception and any workstation and set parameters to adjust their heating, ventilation, mechanical, fire alarms and metering environments as required.

This Building Energy Management System (BEMS) ensures guests at the hotel enjoy a comfortable room climate, whilst enjoying the stylish surroundings of this wonderful hotel. If you are looking for a luxurious stay in Limerick City, the Maldron Hotel Limerick is one of many high standard hotels on the Dalata Group PLC.